Online celebrations of companion animals


  • A. Light paper pattern with your choice of background color

    We adopted Rita and Tilly from the Seattle Animal Shelter. They were our first guinea pigs. They liked to hide, since their natural instinct is to run from predators. But they soon got used to us,  and were adorable.

    Happy Monkey type

    Please visit the Small and Furry Friends page, for an example of this design and a video.

  • B. Blue paper pattern with cloud background

    Amaranth type

    Mutts with bandanas are a special breed.

  • C. Grass background with fading green overlay

    Expo Sans type

    Please visit Susie's page for an example of this design.

  • D. Bulletin board layout

    Please visit Jimmy's page for a bulletin board layout.

  • E. Silky smooth

    This sweet guy came home from the cat rescue with a silky quilt to sleep on.

  • F. Rosebuds with an overlay

    Open Sans type

    Kira looks beautiful against a rose-themed background.

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