Loving Companions Online celebrations of companion animals

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Basic price: $99

Choose from two designs:

  1. A photo gallery, with up to ten photos. This includes an optional short introduction above the gallery, and captions.
    (Include up to twenty photos for an additional $2.50 each)
  2. A page of narrative, and up to ten photos.

Samples may be found here.

Additional options:

Up to ten additional photos in a gallery.

$2.50 each

Include videos you’ve created of your pet.

$5.00 each

Cropping helps bring the focus to the pet, rather than on the background of the photo.

free, just ask!

Color correction and lighting adjustment for faded or underexposed photos will help make photos more closely
resemble the original scene. See examples below.

$2.50 each

Password protection: If you would like your site to be private, we can protect it with a password, which you can provide to anyone you would like to share the site with.

add $5.00

Before color enhancement


Before and after cropping
and color enhancement. (Tilly had red eyes, so we didn’t change that!)

Examples of
Photo Editing