Loving Companions

Online celebrations of companion animals

Loving Companions creates professionally designed, personalized websites to celebrate and honor the lives of companion animals.

Each of our companion animals is unique. Whether furry, feathered, or floppy-eared — small, tall, scaly, or cotton-tailed — their companionship enhances our lives. Pets are members of our family. If we live alone, they may be our most constant companions.

We all love to share the sweet, hilarious, naughty, and adorable things our pets do. With the invention of smartphones, many of us take lots of photos. But they often remain on our phone or end up in a folder on our computer. We can post them online, but this only serves as a temporary way to share our pets with family and friends. Why not consolidate and arrange your images in one place with the narrative or captions of your choosing?

Loving Companions will help you create a permanent web page with beautifully arranged words and images, so you can share the joy of adopting a new pet, the antics of your current companion, or reminiscences of a pet you’ve had to say your final goodbyes to.

Take a tour of our site, and choose from a variety of affordable, professional design options.

Loving Companions donates 5% of profits to animal rescue groups. In honoring your pet, you will also be helping animals less fortunate than your own.

A series of photos of Mishu, soon after he was adopted from the shelter and knew that he could relax in his new home.