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Jimmy came to us in the second year of his life. He had bonded with another cockatiel as a young bird but, alas, that little bird passed away. Jimmy's second home was in our friend's pet store which was by no means a quiet life. We decided to take him in and hoped that he might become friends with our other cockatiel, Peach. They lived side-by-side, tolerated each other, but pretty much kept to themselves.

Jimmy outlived our three cockatiels, Peach, Lucy and Joey; our lovebird Red; and Pearl, our sweet but madly hormonal parakeet. (She laid more than 30 eggs!)

Jimmy came into his own in his senior years and was endearing in all ways. He greeted us when we arrived home,  he learned some phrases, "Good Boy Jim" and "Wanna come out?" and could whistle some pretty tunes. He loved to take a shower and sit outside on warm sunny days.

He especially liked music and would sit on Roger's shoulder for an hour or more while he played the piano. He also like to sit in front of the CD speakers and tap his beak on the table. When my mother-in-law Louise came to visit, he would start whistling as soon as he heard her voice!

Jimmy lived a long life of 23 years. The early emotional trauma of losing his first mate had a lasting impact, but he came to trust us and show us  much affection and love. He sought out a willing finger to scratch his head, he sat on the couch with us, and he always enjoyed his snack bowl of peanuts or shredded wheat.

Blueberry, our last remarkable little parakeet, went into a mild depression after Jimmy died. He stopped singing for a while, and died a few months later.

Pearl and Blueberry

We miss Jimmy very much.
His antics and sweet nature will never be forgotten.