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Small and Furry Friends

We adopted Rita and Tilly from the Seattle Animal Shelter. They were our first guinea pigs. They liked to hide, since their natural instinct is to run from predators. But one of their vocalizations was close to a purr. They soon got used to us,  and were adorable.

Here's a video called
“Tilly and Rita argue at the salad bar”, with music from Harry Potter.

Like most guinea pigs, Alice was shy. But she always came out of hiding for a carrot, or other fresh treat.

Alice and Lucy were a mother-and-daughter pair that we had in foster care from the local animal shelter. After Alice was treated for some medical issues, they were adopted!

Lucy, clinging to a towel at her vet appointment.

Hamsters love their wheels and can run miles each night. They also love to escape!

Honey climbed up the tube in her habitat and hid most of her meals. Then she acted as if she was out of food. Here she is nibbling on her secret stash of nuts and seeds.

Once a hamster has a few trips around the house, they seem to know just how to travel without running into furniture. Butterball loved to explore the house in her big pink ball. We had to make sure to put a towel at the top of the stairs, to avoid falls


Dwarf hamsters also love running around the house.